Greetings to you in the holy name of our almighty Lord Jesus Christ,How are you and how is your family and how is ministry?I Hope and pray all is well with you in Jesus name AMEN!!!

                       I am Dileep.Gajulavarthy an Evangelist from India.I am from Christian family but I lived my life as namesake Christian till my 16 th year,In my 16 th year my Father passed away due to heart stroke.It was a Big tragedy and sorrow in my life,After that three months I felt very lonely and  used to be sad Every time even all my family members are with me I used to be alone and thinking of my Father because I love him so much.


                       One day I thought to avoid my Loneliness,I got a thought to have a Bible study while I was doing my Bibles Study I have gone through a Verse  of Psalms - 68:5 that is " A FATHER OF THE FATHERLESS IS GOD IN HIS HOLY HABITATION " As I am reading this I felt God was talking to me through His Word and I from then I trusted that Jesus was my father,After few days I got saved (Baptized) and Accepted Jesus Christ as my personal saviour.I want to Serve our Christ along with my studies and  I Started  Engineering Course and Studied the Course for two years and doing part time ministry after two Years I was discontinued my Engineering course due to financial problems and then I started to serve Our Lord Jesus Christ full time.This is all about me and How I came into the Lord's Ministry.

                          I was Being in Lord's Ministry from more than Three years and the name of this Ministry is "HOPE IN JESUS MINISTRIES"

About our Ministry:

                               The main Motto or Aim of this ministry is to spread the word of God to the people who are poor and living in the Villages which were located in remote areas and the second Aim is to help them with Food and Clothes.

                              We are doing this according to the Bibles as Jesus said in the Scriptures Mark 16:15 " He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation",So we are preaching the word of God to the Poor people and making them to turn and walk towards Jesus Christ.

                                 And According to the Bible as Jesus said in the Scriptures Mark 12:31 " 'YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF.' There is no other commandment greater than these."So we are helping them with the Food and Clothes with God's Love and to show them what is God's Love.Because as the Scriptures says that in 1st John 4:8 "  God is love  " 

                                 We also trying to Support 15  Pastors who are poor and needy by arranging a Pastors Fellowship Meeting at the last week in every month and giving very little financial Aid to them in order to help them with what has God given us,Please kindly pray for all these Pastors  and this Monthly Pastors Fellowship Meeting.

We have a Vision to Build a Orphanage and for that we have a Land due to lack of funds we did not start the work of Orphanage and praying for it and please Pray for our ministry and if HOLY SPIRIT inspires you please support our ministry with your prayers and if Holy Spirit Inspires you support us Financially in Helping the Poor and in Construction of the Orphanage.

Thanking you,


Evangelist. Dileep,


Email: [email protected]